Tailored solutions, well trained sales professionals, and a management team with the know how to sell your product.

About Evolve

No two programs fit the same mold.  By treating every program as a new and unique opportunity, Evolve is able to deliver a tailored solution to fit your specific needs.
Headquartered in East Lansing adjacent to Michigan State University, Evolve was founded in 2003 by a well seasoned team of call center veterans in the industry. Our management and production staff brings over a century of combined experience to our environment.

Why Evolve Works

Quality Sales Representatives

Anyone can answer your calls.  But can they sell your product?  At Evolve we have a core group of career sales representatives who have been with us for 5+ years!   We also have an educated local workforce located near Michigan State University.

But quality candidates are just the start.  Once hired, Evolve puts training, monitoring and quality assurance teams to work giving sales representatives the feedback and support necessary to succeed in a competitive sales environment.

Consistent Training, Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Most call centers answer calls around the clock.  But we don't stop at staffing sales agents.
At any moment of the day, our dedicated trainers are holding group skill sessions, doing one-on-one coaching, and evaluating progress.  Our floor managers are monitoring media, agent performance and managing allocations for optimum call distribution across the agent pool.  Our Quality Assurance staff are listening to calls and preparing evaluations critical to improving performance.
When quality and conversion count, we want our sales agents to have every possible opportunity to succeed.  Evolve takes a very hands-on approach in developing and managing sales representatives.  We take great pride in having all resources ready and available to assist our staff and clients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  At Evolve, the process of performance through development is perpetual.

Our Team Working for YOUR Team

When you work with Evolve, you get the industry's best account managers, technical staff, sales staff and representatives on YOUR team.  Whether you have extensive experience or are starting your first campaign, our consultants and technical team will work with you to deliver the best possible campaign solutions.