Evolve Tele-Services Clients

At Evolve, we can measure our client relationships in years, not weeks or months.  We are very proud of our track record.  Our mix of products varies in price point from $40 up to $2000.  In fact, we've sold over $160 million worth of products just this year!


American Telecast Products

“ATP is always looking for vendors that we can form strong and lasting partnerships with,” says David Scudder, Vice President of Media and Telemarketing for American Telecast Products (ATP).  “In the case of Evolve, we’ve found a perfect fit.  Not only do they provide a superior level of performance in handling high end DR sales campaigns, but they’ve been able to grow with us and provide additional services to support our changing business needs.”  

The relationship began shortly after Evolve opened its doors in October, 2003, when ATP granted Evolve a small test on the Total Gym campaign.  Within two months Evolve became one of three vendors sharing call volume on the campaign.  By May of 2004, Evolve became the sole vendor for the Total Gym, and remains so to this day.  “Evolve’s progression in such a short period of time was truly remarkable,” says Scudder.

That was just the beginning.  When ATP mentioned how challenging it was to historically track and analyze all of their DR campaigns across multiple vendors, Evolve offered a solution.  Create one master database to house every piece of data related to their business from any vendor, past or present.

Today, American Telecast Products enjoys a wide array of analytical tools, including online custom reports and cubes, to manage all of their DR campaigns.  Evolve continues to develop and enhance the database and analysis tools to their specifications.

It doesn’t end there.  In 2005,  ATP became interested in taking a portion of their customer service  in house.  By partnering with Evolve, they were able to accomplish that goal quickly and with minimal investment in hardware, software or technical support.  Evolve’s flexible technology and remote hosting ability made it possible.

Evolve continues to add business tools and solutions for servicing ATP inbound and outbound sales, database management, and remote connectivity to ATP Customer Service.   “Evolve has helped us accomplish our goals every step of the way”, says Scudder.  “They are responsive, effective, and creative problem solvers.  I can’t think of a better partnership for the needs of American Telecast Products”.

Contour Technology

“From the outset I knew our sales program needed a call center that could handle a high-ticket, high-end technology product like the Contour eStim CoreBelt.  In addition, a call center needed to be flexible and possess the ability to adapt to the changes necessary for a start-up” says Dale Henn, President / CEO of Contour Technology.  After decades of product development experience with some of the best companies in the industry and over a year working specifically on this project, Dale was ready to unveil his new campaign in late 2007.  “I’ve worked with virtually all of the major call center outfits over the years, and based upon my experience, I gave the initial test phase to Evolve.  They offered not only expertise in high priced, technology orientated products, but also the flexibility to work with Contour on a daily basis in perfecting the offer and maximizing the campaign’s potential.” 

Contour started as most Direct Response programs with some light testing of the media in specific markets and heavy script testing of different offers.  When the show proved to be drawing better than anticipated volume in the initial test phase, Henn knew it was time to capitalize.  Within 5 weeks of going live, Contour was able work with Evolve to quadruple their weekly spend without losing conversion or MER.  What’s even more amazing is Contour has been able to sustain this level of media spending and higher for well over a year now.  Since the program’s inception, Evolve has increased conversion for the program by 20% and single payments by over 30% while increasing media.  This is a byproduct of working with Contour on an on-going basis to massage the offers, on-going agent education, and an eye towards a long-term program.  Henn says, “Evolve does the little things others cannot do and that makes a big difference on the revenue side.  It also has a huge impact on managing customer expectations and has helped keep customer service costs lower than expected.”

2008 was a great year for Contour having been nominated by the ERA for Best Long Form Sports and Fitness and winning Best Female Presenter with Leah Garcia.  “I am positive we wouldn’t have had the same initial success without Evolve’s versatility, scalability and skill” Henn declares.  The outlook for 2009 is even more promising than 2008 was.