Whether this is your first campaign or just your latest, Evolve will tailor a program to suit your needs.

Our Process

Initializing the Process

  • Your first contact is with our Director of Client Services.  Based on your product and goals, the Director will recommend tailored services to meet your needs.
  • We encourage you to visit us and meet the team who will be working for you.


  • Once you sign a service agreement, you will be assigned an Account Executive to manage all stages of the program.
  • Your Account Executive will walk you through the setup process and documentation, including writing the script and offer, assigning toll free numbers and establishing report distribution and output files for you, your media company and your fulfillment house.
  • Before the program goes live, your Account Executive will also arrange for product training.  We encourage someone from your company to come out to our site for our initial training.  If someone from your company is not available to do this, we would be more than happy to provide the training internally.  


  • With finalized specifications in hand, the Account Executive works closely with the technical team to build your customized services, reports, and files.
  • Based on the media schedule, our management team begins building staffing models to support your program.
  • Our QA department establishes metrics for measuring agent efficiency and quality.


  • Once your campaign is live, our management staff, account executives, QA and training team carefully monitor productivity and make modifications to staffing, training and agent allocation to guarantee you the best possible outcome.
  • With Evolve, you'll always know where you stand.   We can customize reporting options to fit your needs.  And with our new online reporting system, you can check results whenever you want.   


  • After sufficient test data is compiled, your Account Executive will solicit additional input on all facets of the program searching for areas of improvement.  Our staff may suggest modifications to increase sales and decrease your costs. 
  • We can typically modify, train and promote minor pricing, scripting, or offer changes in hours--not days. More complicated changes or additions can usually be done in a few days.