Our Team

T.C. Blumberg
CEO and Evolve Co-founder

Evolve CEO and Co-founder T.C. Blumberg has over 13 years experience in high-end direct response sales and customer service.  His innovative methods and philosophies have proven successful for many direct response products, including one of the most successful products in infomercial history. 
T.C. graduated from Central Michigan University in 1991.  He has held the full spectrum of roles within the industry including accounting, client services, media analyst, and VP of Operations.  T.C. was named COO of TSI in 1998.  After TSI was acquired by Protocol Marketing Group in 2000 he became Vice President of Direct Response and remained in that role through the fall of 2003.
At Evolve, T.C. has assembled an operations team designed to maximize client success through experience, development, and technology.

Justin Kilgore
Director of Client Services

Evolve Director of Client Services Justin Kilgore joined Evolve Tele-Services, Inc in November of 2003 and brings over 10 years of industry experience. In addition to his Client Services role, Justin handles Sales and Marketing efforts for Evolve.
Justin graduated from Michigan State University in 1995 and since then has held many roles in both direct response and customer service. Justin was promoted to Client Services Manager at Protocol Marketing Group in 2001, and helped create successful campaigns for products such as Total Gym, Gazelle, Ab Lounge, Easy Shaper, Body Blade, Adams Golf, Natural Golf, Body by Jakes Ab Scissor, BareEscentuals, and many more.
Justin's understanding of operations and the technology that drives it offers Evolve’s clients a "no-surprises" dynamic setup and ongoing skilled management for the life of the campaign. 

Grady Kennon
Director of Operations

Evolve Director of Operations Grady Kennon joined Evolve Tele-Services, Inc. in October 2003, and brings over 11 years of direct response experience to the environment.   He is responsible for all inbound operations including training / development, performance, and quality assurance.
Grady graduated from Davenport University in 1997 with a degree in Sales and Marketing.  He has held a myriad of positions within the direct response industry over the years, including promotion to Director of Direct Response Operations at Protocol Marketing Group in 2002.  Grady’s consultative sales process has been developed and refined to deliver success on campaigns such as Total Gym, AB Lounge, Gazelle, Contour, and many more.
Grady continues to ensure quality of service for the client, customer and Evolve Tele-Services, Inc.

Paul Mickley
Director of Human Resources

Evolve Director of Human Resources Paul Mickley has been with Evolve since its inception in 2003. Paul brings over 15 years of Human Resources experience to Evolve, ranging across industries from light industrial to telecommunications. He has spent over 12 years working in direct response, and has crafted a successful profile for agent selection in a hyper competitive field.
Paul attended Central Michigan University, majoring in Psychology with minors in Management and Interpersonal Communications. After several years working in the staffing industry (most notably with Kelly Services), Paul was hired as Human Resource manager at Penta Communications. This lead to his role as Vice President of Human Resources at TSI.
Paul’s experience and knowledge of direct response help Evolve maintain a constant base of representatives able to perform on the toughest campaigns. 

Rick Schafer
Director of Outbound

Evolve Director of Outbound Rick Schafer has been with Evolve since its inception in 2003, and brings over 12 years industry experience with him. While Rick’s primary focus today in direct response support campaigns, his experiences also include large mortgage acquisition campaigns, B to B, survey, and lead generation on a wide variety of products.
Rick started in the industry at the agent level for TSI in 1996, and quickly rose through the ranks to floor management and supervision. By 1998 he was named department manager for TSI, a position he held after acquisition by Protocol Marketing Group in 1999. In addition to creating and managing a mortgage acquisition group of almost 100 agents, Rick worked on the direct response support side for programs such as Total Gym and BMG music.
Rick’s experience and dedication to quality production makes the Evolve Outbound department the perfect compliment to your direct response campaign.