Real Time CC Auth and Order Processing

Evolve has extensive experience in handling real-time credit card authorization and order processing.  We work with payment processors such as TransFirst,, Litle, Forward Information Technologies, and Payment Tech to process real time cc auth transactions.  Our system is able to send a real-time secure request to the payment processor with the push of a button.  We get a real time response back from the processor to confirm fund availability that puts a hold on those funds while we still have the customer on the phone.  We securely transfer this data to your fulfillment center for payment clearance and shipping. 

Evolve also works with a variety of fulfillment companies for real-time XML-based order processing.  This service allows us to send orders to your fulfillment center immediately upon the sales agent capturing the order.  All orders sent with real-time order processing are secure transactions.

These services allow you to securely transfer your data to your fulfillment center for the quickest delivery time possible.