Evolve is a leader in high end direct response because of our unique approach to Campaign Management.

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From the moment you become our client, you are assigned an Account Executive to help you navigate through the setup process, including implementation, analysis and modifications to make your campaign as effective as possible.

Your Account Executive works directly with the QA department, Trainers, Technical Team, and Supervisors on a daily basis. They use proprietary reporting tools measuring conversion, Unique ANI throughput, agent performance, and QA metrics to fine tune your campaign and make suggestions for modifications.

As our client, you’re also offered several standard reporting options as well as custom reports to help you assess your campaign.

Part of our standard program setup includes fulfillment integration, media files, and credit card processing. If you’ve not yet chosen who to use for these services, we can introduce you to the leaders in those fields and who would best suit your needs.

Interested in Campaign Management?