We offer a variety of on hold music and messaging standard for each campaign. Additionally, we have several other pre / mid call offerings to increase caller satisfaction and sales productivity.

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Front End Messaging

If you look carefully at your call outcomes, you’ll find that sales agents frequently get tied up fielding customer service calls, order status inquiries, and billing inquiries for customers who have already purchased your product. While our agents are skilled at handling or referring such inquiries, their function for your campaign is to make the sale. Agent productivity and efficiency can be increased several points by reducing the number of CS and Inquiry calls that are passed to them.

One standard option that many of our clients are now taking advantage of is Front End Messaging. This message often includes a brief welcome message identifying your product and encouraging callers to stay on the line to place an order, or if they’ve already placed an order, to please call the Customer Service number for your product. With some custom development, we can also transfer callers directly to your customer service department.

Custom Queue / On Hold Messaging

Another way to keep callers excited and motivated is to maintain continuity between your infomercial and the queue/on hold messaging. We can customize on hold music and messaging using pieces of your infomercial, or add unique messaging that’s recorded specifically for queue / on hold with the voice of your choice.

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Interested in Front End and Queue Messaging?