At Evolve, our primary focus is Direct Response.  We consistently out perform the competition in conversion, quality scores and low return rates. But because our representitives have experience in virtually all facets of the contact center environment, we're able to respond to our clients' individual needs and accommodate nearly any campaign concept.

 The Basics:

Campaign management is key and comes standard for all programs.  With Evolve on your team, you have a dedicated resource throughout the life of your campaign.

We offer both standard and custom reporting.  Our hourly and product totals reports make it easy to assess your campaign at a glance.

Because we are a leader in the DR environment, we also have substantial experience with all of the major media company file layouts, fulfillment house layouts and third party consultants. 

We offer Mailers Plus address validation for all clients.  It improves accuracy AND it saves agent data entry time.

If you choose to use a separate Customer Service pool of agents, we can play an introductory "Front End" message with your CS toll free number right up front to minimize the number of Customer Service calls going into your sales environment.  If you have sound bites or energizing music from your media that you'd like to tie in as custom hold music, we can do that too!

 Additional Options:

  • Targusinfo
  • Real Time CC Authorization and Order Processing

The Targusinfo lookup by ANI is a feature that many of our clients choose to utilize.  As the call comes in, our system can automatically perform a name and address lookup against the Targusinfo database to further expedite the processing of sales.  It's also very helpful for capturing mailing address information for follow up campaigns on non-sales calls.

Evolve has also worked with several vendors to customize real time credit card authorization and/or real time xml based order processing.

Given our technology and technical staff, the sky is the limit.  If you need a service not listed here, chances are good that we can build it for you.