Mailers Plus and Targusinfo

To expedite the data entry process as well as offer more accurate and consistent name and address information, we offer Mailers Plus and TARGUSinfo.

Mailers Plus is a standard address validation offering with any new campaign.  After our sales representatives enter in name and address information, our Mailers Plus plugin verifies the information and suggests modifications as needed to meet USPS guidelines. 

TARGUSinfo is a feature available at a nominal per call rate.  TARGUSinfo lookup is based off of the caller’s telephone number.  When engaged, a TARGUSinfo database lookup for the name and address of the caller is initiated, and the results populate the sales screen with the information at the beginning of the call.  Our sales representatives save time by simply verifying data rather than entering each piece of information.  This allows representatives to close sales efficiently and answer your next call quickly.